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Why is BLACKPINK Lisa Looking So Sad?


In this week’s Inkigayo contest, BLACKPINK was the winner again for the sixth time in a row. Despite this lovely outcome, it was noteworthy that Lisa was looking sad. She was smiling (because she had to accept the greetings), but it was not a complete, real smile but more of a “ sweet smile of pain ” type of a smile. Fans were worried about Lisa. Here is the footage:

what was the reason for this sadness? Lisa has been the target of an increasingly harsh criticism and hate movement in the recent weeks. This movement is rooted from Thailand; her homeland! Why are the Thai citizens who have given her the greatest support from the very beginning behaving like this? Moreover, not only Thai antis, but also some Thai BLINKs have been supporting this negative movement. Let’s examine the reason for this behavior a little bit.

The reason for this negative campaign against Lisa is explained with Lisa’s indifference to political developments in Thailand. What are these political developments?

Thailand is a country governed by a monarchical parliamentary system; oo there is both a king and a parliament. There were 12 military coups in the country since 1932, and the last one was in 2014. Earlier this year, a group of high school and university students started massive protests after one of the major opposition parties, the pro-democratic, reformist Future Forward party, was shut down. The demonstrations, which have been suspended due to the pandemic, have been on fire again in the recent months.

The reason for the negative movement directed at Lisa is that Lisa has remained silent in this process. The critics of Lisa speak ill of her as such: “Lisa has found fame and money, she is just in her own good mood, she does not care about the citizens in her homeland! She has totally become estranged.”

When she performed the Thai style “Crab” dance on the Knowing Bros program in the previous week, the criticism peaked and turned into an anti-campaign against her on social media. The meaning of the lyrics of the song of this dance is is also a bit troublesome (after some word games). But the real crisis is linke to the following viewpoint: “It is not your right to make a dance belonging to Tai culture, when you are so estranged to you homeland country and when you are so insensitive to political developments in the Thailand?” Although the preview video of the Knowing Bros episode include footage from the dance,crab dance scene was removed from the show later on.

Lisa’s Thai Crab Dance:

Isn’t it kind of cruel to launch a criticism campaign against Lisa for political reasons? I think it is necessary to respect her right to remain silent on a topic on which people in her country are so in conflict. I don’t know what is the exact right thing to do in such a situation, but I clearly understand that this is a  very difficult situation for Lisa. What are you thinking?

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  1. Avatar

    These people who bring her into the movement… Like yeah she’s concerned but talk about it is very hard since she’s known and that can make in danger her family.
    Leave Lisa alone..

    • Avatar

      They do need to give her a break.
      She inspires me so much. As a 10 yr old fan, I really would like for them to leave our beautiful, amazing, outstanding K-POP star a bit of a break.

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