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Suga BE-Log Video Released!

suga be log

The fourth video of the BE-Log series came from BTS’s Agust-D Suga. A new video series called “BE Log” started airing on BANGTAN TV as of March 2. Every day, the memories of a BTS member during the BE album are briefly mentioned with images under the name BE-Log. The first “BE Log” was about V (Taehyung), the second about RM and the third about Jin.

“Life Goes On” plays against Suga’s BE-Log background. Suga must have been trying to play something with his black guitar in the venue used for the Life Goes On music video.

We were amazed by Suga’s shaply hair at MOTS:ON E concert. In the BE-Log video, Suga looks at us with his extremely cute gestures and shaply hair …

Suga once again displayed a sweet mimicry in his album photo shoots.

Another photo of Suga with facial expressions! Suga’s eyes are whirling here.

Suga’s BE-Log video is full of the wonderful visuals of Suga as we know it!

While Suga plays the guitar again …

We’re watching Suga from Jungkook’s camera. Suga frowned again, making a great facial expression:

If you want to watch the BTS Suga BE-Log video:

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