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SEVENTEEN Jun’s Sleeping Habit Scares Those Around Him

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SEVENTEEN members THE8 and Jun, joined Chao Yin Zhan Ji’s show schedule. Jun surprised contestant Chinese-American Victor Ma by announcing his interesting sleeping habit. Chao Yin Zhan Ji is an idol co-reality show, where teams are formed and compete against each other. During one episode of the show, he was working on the THE8 performance and noticed Jun falling asleep right behind him.

When Victor entered the room, he saw Jun sleeping with his eyes open. He couldn’t be sure if Jun was really sleeping, and Victor stared at him for a moment. Victor finally gathered the courage to touch him, and Jun suddenly awoke. Victor asked “Are you okay?” and Jun replied: I’m sleeping.

When Victor said “You scared me” , Jun felt the need to explain. “ I sleep with my eyes open .” Victor puzzled “Are you sleeping with your eyes open? Our eyes just stared at each other for a long time”

It wasn’t surprising to THE8 that Jun’s ability to sleep with eyes open. Instead of being surprised, he continued practicing the song for the 100th time. Jun stated that THE8 is used to the sleeping habit. He said “He knows” .

Jun explained that he scared other SEVENTEEN members in the past. “Last time I was in the dormitory, I was sitting outside on the sofa. I fell asleep and the other members were a little startled when they saw me”

Victor must have felt the same, adding “It’s terrifying” .

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