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Run BTS! Who Won the 133rd Episode Keyboard Competition?

run bts 133

In Run BTS Episode 133, BTS members competed to find out who is the fastest to type BTS member on the keyboard. The slowest writer would get a big penalty. Suga was left out for this episode. For this reason, the contest took place between 6 members. Let’s see who are the fastest and slowest members?

6. Jungkook

Jungkook was the slowest member in the group with 4555 points. The biggest reason for this was that Jungkook stayed last and competed with the biggest / giant size keyboard. Despite this great handicap, Jungkook wrote the text he should have written correctly. Jungkook’s keyboard was so large that it normally takes one finger for a key, whereas Jungkook used his whole hand to click a key 🙂

5. J-Hope

J-Hope became the 5th fastest to write member. His score is 7473. He came first with this score 🙂

4. V

Although V’s score was 9915, more than 2000 points compared to J-Hope, V came in fourth because it was lower than the rest of the members.

3. Jimin

All the members looked at Jimin in surprise when Jimin mentioned that he had scored 26,880 points. However, looking at the screen, RM realized that Jimin was joking. Jimin’s score: 10,688. In the past, Jimin created a text by pressing the keyboard quickly on V Live, which he performed during the preparation of the BE album, and sent an e-mail to his bandmates. That’s why we were unintentionally expecting more from Jimin while watching this episode of Run BTS.

2. Jin

Is age directly proportional to keyboard typing speed? Winning second place, Jin Hyung scored a total of 13,288 points.

1. RM

Vee’s fastest-writing BTS member was RM, the leader of the group. RM outstripped his fellow members with 14,343 points.

Earlier in this episode, Jin said “ready to get a stenographer license” for RM. Although this is a joke, RM seems to be able to do this with fast typing.

Do you think the order would change if Jungkook’s keyboard was a standard size?

If you want to watch the 133rd Episode of Run BTS Keyboard Writing Competition:

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