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RM comments on why they didn’t win a Grammy this year

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BTS performed with their song “Dynamite” at the 63rd GRAMMY Awards Ceremony in 2021. After the show, BTS members made a live stream to thank their fan base, ARMY, for always supporting them. Despite not winning the award, BTS leader RM showed a positive attitude and said that they will work harder next year.

RM said: “Many of you expected that we would not get the award. I interpret this as “come next year and get the award yourself “

RM has highlighted their success as a Korean artist group, being nominated for a Grammy Award and performing at the Grammy Award Ceremony.

“I read a few reports that the award was a failure, but it didn’t really fail. To be honest, we’ve been nominated for the first time. It’s the first time we’re being nominated as a group and performing solo. Let’s think of that positively.

He also thanked his fans and BTS fellows for such a huge success.

“Oh no problem. That’s enough, and of course it would be a lie not to say we’re sorry. Isn’t it really great? Let’s clap and pat our back for doing something great together. Let’s never stop and move on!”

Suga Grammy has been talked about a lot because of his prediction. Suga said in his time:

“Our goal is to perform at GRAMMYs next year (2021) and receive the award for the next year (2022)”

According to Suga’s 6th feelings, the prize is coming in 2022 🙂

You can watch BTS’s Grammy Dynamite Performance in the following Twitter post:

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