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MAMAMOO Solar turns into a fitness star!

solar pilates photo

Solar shared a video on her SOLARSIDO Youtube channel, where she shares her weekly videos, making those who are much younger than her say “just wow!”. She has turned 30 years old. Each year, Solar seems to get better! She is so special.

After a one-minute intro speech, a 12-minute training video is waiting for you. Solar performs the movements in an extremely smooth manner, while giving great instructions.

Here is your way to fitness and well-being:

Solar is an artist who draws attention with her being the leader of her group and radiating positive energy as well as being a very good vocalist. I follow Solarsido channel regularly and I watch the quality content that she produces and shares every week. The channel, which has 2 million 970 thousand followers, will soon overthrow 3 million.

Another important feature of Solar that stand out is the sincere and warm-blooded personality she reflects in these videos. She is truly one of a kind!

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