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Jungkook is a Neat and Clean Idol

jungkook cleaning car

BTS Jungkook is an idol who is meticulous and obsessed with cleanliness in his normal life as well as his work. ARMY spoke today about Jungkook’s cleaning habits and made some points highlighting Jungkook’s relationship with cleaning.

– Maknae Jungkook was obsessed with clean clothes. Jimin once mentioned Jungkook washing all the members’ clothes. In fact, BTS’s friends gave Jungkook a powerful washing machine as a gift. Jungkook, who is sensitive to odors, used a lot of softener when washing clothes.

– You can see Jungkook sniffing J-Hope’s or Jimin’s hair from time to time. Because Jungkook has an obsession with clean and fresh-smelling hair and as we mentioned, he is sensitive to scents of all sorts.

For example, in the video below, Jin is looking for mischief again and is trying to get Jungkook’s operation … But he still can’t! Because Jungkook is very sensitive to fragrances. Jin has added mustard to the pudding and Jungkook is aware of it with his keen sense of smell.

– Jungkook has 3 air purifiers in his room.

– Jungkook once washed BTS’s car before he hit the road.

– Jungkook’s nursing bags we recently saw in a BTS BOMB video had two separate boxes of toothpaste and multiple floss boxes. Jungkook was carrying special hygiene products in separate care bags.

– Jungkook doesn’t like clutter and dust, we usually see him gathering around in videos.

– His luggage is always tidy.

However, BTS member Jungkook isn’t the only finicky freak. J-Hope is also one of the most regular BTS members.

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