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Disrespect for Jisoo over her English proficiency

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TC Candler published the “100 Most Beautiful Faced Celebrities of 2020” list. Jisoo ranked 50th on this list. TC Candler has posted the following poster for Jisoo:

In the poster, they used the phrase “Chanteuse, danseuse, mannequin, 25 ans – Son anglais est dommage” for Jisoo. In response to their critics, they shared the following tweet, instead of regretting their profane move:

For one thing, how can you say so with certainty that Jisoo will love this joke. Are you the authority to decide this? Besides, where do you get the right to cut it off and say the discussion is over when so many people have been annoyed so much? Finally, Jisoo has not used this phrase for herself!

In the incident where this statement was mentioned (we can’t share the video because the copyright restriction), the four girls went to a place to eat together. Rose teaches Jisoo the phrase “It ‘a pity.” Then comes the food, Lisa has trouble pronouncing the word “dumpling” (a word that means fruit pie, dumpling, etc.). Jisoo says to her: “Your English is a pity.” Here  she just used the expression she learned from Rose in a relevant context.

This shows Jisoo’s ability to learn really quick. In a nutshell, Jisoo did not use this expression for her own level of English (because he says “Your” to Lisa). Normally she would not use such a phrase (she never attempts to offend others like the editor of TC Chandler – Lisa already speaks English like her native language), buts he used it to show that she had learned an English expression.

Shame on you TC Chandler’s editor…

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