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Jisoo Celebrating Birthday With Close Friend

jisoo birthday

BLACKPINK Jisoo celebrated her birthday with a close friend and shared their photos on her Instagram account (sooyaaa_). Jisoo looks quite natural in the picture. The dessert / cake they eat looks very cute. Jisoo gave his friend an expensive gift, a Dior bag, on her birthday. The price of this stylish bag named Lady Dior is $ 4741. Even if you are an idol, a gift of about $ 5000 is a great gift 🙂 Actually, Jisoo is the representative of the “Dior” brand. Perhaps this is why Dior may not be afraid to give gifts to his immediate circle. Meanwhile, Jisoo’s friend’s name is Yoon Ah Rong and she’s active model.

Photos of Jisoo and his friend Yoon Ah Rong

Dior bag that Jisoo gave to his friend

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