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Jimin and the global plastics industry

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Regarding Jimin’s impact on industrial sectors, we previously published our article on Jimin’s impact on the global chicken and chicken soup industry (see: Jimin and the global poultry industry ). This time the sector is plastics industry .

EMMY award-winning comedian John Oliver used the phrase “Look at little Jimin’s dominance of the stage and get inspired” while criticising the plastic industry, which falls short of solving their plastic waste problem.

John Oliver is also a writer and political critic as well as a comedian. Oliver, who has been focusing on environmental pollution recently, emphasizes that the waste of the plastic industry is either being dumped to the oceans or piling up in landfills, and points out that the “Recycling” performance of the plastics industry is deplorable. We learn from him that only 9 percent of plastic waste in the USA can be recycled. He adds that the weak link of the chain is this weakness in recycling.

At this point, Oliver bursts out on BTS. He says every single ring in BTS chain is as solid as steel, you can’t see a weak link or any weakness there. Especially he mentions to Jimin , emphasizing that he performs 100 percent in every dance performance, and he never compromises. Finally, he also urges the actors of plastics industry to take Jimin’s “stage dominance” as an example in their stance against plastic waste.

Oliver made all the important points, he left us nothing to say. We do not take our eyes off Jimin himself, let the plastics industry bosses do that as well!

Here is stage domination; here is the king of this realm (from 2014 MAMA):

Isn’t that amazing?

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