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Jeongyeon partially attended the TWICE in WONDERLAND concert!

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TWICE in WONDERLAND concert was held on March 6. At the concert, Jeongyeon, who took a break for psychological problems, received treatment and recently announced her recovery, also attended the concert. In fact, she participated quite a bit, but she accompanied the dances of bandmates by sitting and only singing. First of all, let’s say get well soon. We have missed you so much!

Depression has knocked on most of us. That’s why almost all of us can understand Jeongyeon quite comfortably. Depression periods are periods of weight gain besides stepping on us emotionally. As we are more stressed out, the desire to eat increases, and if some medication are used, they also make us gain weight.

Jeongyeon also got a little chubby. In fact, it is not an extreme situation for me, her body structure is prone to store some belly fat and she has made a little belly and a little tickle, but I think that her level of fitness will improve in a short time. Jeongyeon, who is tall and has long arms and legs, is also lucky in that direction. All and all she has a unique and very beautiful face, no matter what! She is so adorable!

Here are performance moments with Jeongyeon. It is also very sweet that her friends show their support to her.

The TWICE in WONDERLAND concert was an online concert, but there would also be a few offline, human audiences. It is seen from the photo below that the number of spectators in fact was not so rare!

The concert seems to have been very successful. Let’s congratulate all TWICE members on this occasion!

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