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J-Hope’s sister Jung Jiwoo to get married soon

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BTS J-Hope ‘s sister YouTuber and fashion influencer Jung Jiwoo is getting married next month. On April 5, a source affiliated with Cube Entertainment reported that Jung Jiwoo and her non-celebrity boyfriend wanted to get married in May.

The couple had been dealing with marriage preparations since last year. Jung Jiwoo, who announced on social media in August 2020 that she wanted to get married in September or October 2021, seems to reach her fortune sooner.

In an interview, Jung Jiwoo said about his future husband: “We are similar in many ways and we both love to work and are free. I think I will have such a life after marriage. He is someone I can trust and it gives me confidence to have someone for me on my side.”

Jung Jiwoo is BTS J-Hope’s older sister and runs her own fashion company and online shopping site. YouTube channel MEJIWOO has 1.67 million followers. She started working with Cube Entertainment very recently.

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