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Have You Seen the New Hair Color of NCT Dream Renjun?

nct dream renjun photo

NCT Dream Renjun became the topic of the day on social media with its new hair color. Renjun , who preferred black hair color before, actually did not seem to change her hair color much, fans did not notice the change first. Later, when looking from different angles, Renjun’s hair was seen to be in different tones.

In one of the video clips that pioneered the group’s comeback as seven members, NCT Dream fans instantly noticed that Renjun’s black hair was slightly different from the previous one. Renjun dyed the front part of her hair and the lower half a pale blonde. Because everyone wanted to take a closer look, Renjun uploaded the photos of the new color to Weibo. The two-tone look was so suited to him that it quickly became a trending topic on Twitter.

Do you like Renjun’s hair color?

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