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(G)I-DLE comebacks with the album “I Burn” and “HWAA” MV!


(G)I-DLE is back with their 4th mini album “I Burn” and the first music video (MV) from the album “HWAA“.

HWAA means fire flower. The track, which is entirely in Korean (yes, not a single English word!), is a very nice song. On top of it, the band members and costumes in the MV offer us great visuals! The group members make eye contact with us a lot, they know their business for sure! The chorus of the song is exquisite and the song generally have a different sound. The rap parts of the song is delightful ( Soyeon! ), vocals are just captivating ( Soojin! Yuqi!) . On the high notes, Minnie also rises like a hawk. I don’t know how to avoid to loop the song and listen it over and over again!

By the way, the song became part of the first 4th generation idol group that dived directly into the MELON Realtime Chart (real time list) group). It continues to rock the charts in the next days.

These girls never fail to impress us in terms of music quality. They are almost single-handedly lift the CUBE Entertainment’s business!

In overall, this mini album is just fantastic. The first track, Hann (Alone in Winter), is an exceptional song with its acoustic timbre and hearth-penetrating vocals. Piano tones are like firing bullets! By the way, Soyeon suggests we listen to Hann (Alone in Winter) and HWAA back to back in combination. I also recommend Moon and Dahlia strongly, but the album is also very successful in general.

Group members Soyeon, Yuqi and Minnie contributed quite seriously to the album; you can see who contributed to the lyric, composition and arrangement stages from the table below:

Yes, we are opening 2021 with a beautiful album, let’s enjoy it. Finally; here is the live TV performance of HWAA:

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