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The emotional “Film Out” music video from BTS is so special

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BTS’s songs for Japan are always full of emotion; you close your eyes and get caught up in the flow of melodies and go to unknown lands for a moment. It would not be wrong to say that the “Film Out” music video is watching these emotions in a film over your screen!

Jungkook’s lyrics that come out of his heart are very special. He does what he did in “Your Eyes Tel”l, and continues to drown us in the sea of ​​emotions while making his genius speak. Also… How his blonde hair suits him! His saddened eyes highlight the pure beauty of his face. He is like a special piece of art to be discovered and admired.

The sadness of the song has a different intensity, it doesn’t seem that sad, but the knot you feel in your throat when the song is over lefts you wondering: “What I have experienced just now?” Especially Taehyung’s gaze after his sad vocal in the last scene and his hand reaching out like giving a reluctant farewell. He is ethereal…

Another common feature of BTS ‘Japan MVs is that Jin is always in the lead role. Tradition remains intact, and Jin is the only actor moving in the MV, where everyone is steady, stable. The scenes are almost solely connected to each other by Jin’s movements from one point to another. The expression in Jin’s eyes, as if he is facing against his fate, reminds us once again how special he is. His vocal contribution to the song is also very special!

Another point that will immediately catch your attention in MV is Jimin’s lengthy vocals, which are very suitable for his voice and interpretation, and which add a serious level of emotion to thesong… Jimin was almost the person who gave the song its “sound”. It is also a pleasure to watch him, what a sweetness he is. How can one have such a cute look while singing such a sad song?

How magnificent RM’s entering the track in the middle of the scene where everyone is frozen. While his gray hair brings his wise-looking appearance to the level of “Gandalf the Gray”; one wonders how an artist can fill only so many scenes with his charisma, stature and looks. Every syllable he says resonates in your heart and provides critical touches to MV’s deep atmosphere.

The way J-Hope and Suga are on either side of the mirror illustrate how inaccessible someone as close to you can be. This duo always makes me feel intense in sad songs. BTS rapline, who can easily demonstrate power of their voices in high-tempo tracks, totally turns into a heartbreaker in gloomy songs.

Especially when they sing the “lalala” parts together, you have an explosion of emotions and you say “This is a BTS song!”. “Old school” BTS sensuality hits in the heart. One feels the desire to listen to this special piece in a secluded place, almost keeping it to herself/himself. Just BTS and yourself. Are you ready for a 3.5 minutes where you will be lost in time and space, making you feel like you don’t need anything else in the whole universe. Just like we saw in MV …

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