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BTS was spotted after shooting. Guess how were their styles?

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In one of the regular days of August 2020, we observe BTS members walking out of the door after a day-long of hardwork. We are so sure that they have exerted every ounce of effort they are capable of. They may be depleted, but they don’tfall short of their charism and shine. They make quite an appereance while they are walking their way to their vehicles in eye-poppingly stylish clothes.

Jimin enjoys all the attention as always. You can see the prices of each elegant piece on Jimin. We liked the simple design of the Dior t-shirt and the fit of the black trousers.

Jungkook continues his trademark baggy black sweat-shirt style. Jungkook usually wears casual black clothes after shooting.

RM and V (Taehyung) are leaving the venue together. V’s dinosaur cartoon T-shirt and RM’s long ethnic patterned top are just striking. Some water was poured from the water bottle in RM’s hand. It doesn’t matter anyway, it will dry somehow 🙂

Next up is J-Hope … We observe that J-Hope has wiped off his make-up, dressed in a black t-shirt, and now deserves to have some rest. We always like J-Hope’s energetic style.

Which BTS member fits best to your style?

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