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BTS V is the Most Handsome Once Again!

bts v handsome

YouTube’s “Top10World” channel announced their verdict on BTS V (Kim Taehyung):

” He is ranked number one on the list of 10 most handsome men of 2020 “ .

“Top10World” is a YouTube channel that has more than 300 thousand followers and selects the world’s top 10 in various fields.

bts v handsome

V ranked number one on the list, leaving behind famous Hollywood stars and artists like Zayn Malik, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Cruise and Robert Pattinson.

Top 10 Best Handsome Men of 2020

    1. V (Kim Taehyung)
    2. Zayn Malik
    3. Robert Pattinson
    4. Omar Borkan Al Gala
    5. Chris Hemsworth
    6. Tom Cruise
    7. Chris Evans
    8. Aaron Taylor-Johnson
    9. James Reid
    10. Hrithik Roshan

It is a known fact that BTS V always ranks number one in the most handsome lists. V has risen to the first rank on charts like “100 Heartbeat Asian”, YouTube “All In One” and “2018’s most attractive people”.

bts v handsome

This is why he is named “The Visual Representative of Kpop” by V Korea Media. V has not only have visual beauty and charm, but also his voice, interpretation and facial expressions draw attention.

BTS V is always handsome! The most handsome!

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