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BTS RM BE-Log Video Released!

bts rm be-log unplugged

The second video of the BE-Log series came from RM. A new video series called “BE Log” started airing on BANGTAN TV as of March 2 after the first”BE Log” by V (Taehyung).

The song “Blue & Gray” plays in the background of RM’s video. The first image is coming from RM’s camera. RM likes to climb high hills and watch the city from afar. Must be watching the sun go down, RM is shooting Seoul’s night lights and sunset from a hill.

Afterwards, traveling by car on a rainy Seoul day, a wave of blue sea and RM reading a book.

Then we see a cute cat. He doesn’t like to be disturbed. And then comes ARMY’s favorite part. RM work-out! RM exercises in the gym. In V’s video released yesterday, RM was seen working in the gym. RM pulls up several times.

Afterwards, he spends time outdoors with his dog. Apparently, RM is trying to briefly explain his experiences during the BE album. He had a peaceful, calm and productive time.

RM BE-Log surpassed 1.8 million views in four to five hours. You should watch RM’s footage accompanied by Blue & amp; Gray!

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