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BTS Map of the Soul ON:E D2 Online Concert Second Day Review


BTS Map of the Soul ON:E D2, i.e the second and the last day of online live concert of BTS is also over now. An Injury, a new tattoo , gorgeous new costumes and openhearted statements of BTS members marked the second part of the concert! At the end of the concert, BTS and ARMY experienced the sadness of separating after two days of re-union.

The track list for the concert was largely the same as yesterday. As on the first day, 23 tracks were performed again. Instead of Butterfly and RUN  in the first day, Spring Day and IDOL are performed by BTS.

Starting with their hit song ON, throughout the first part of BTS Map of the Soul ON:E D2 we observed some minor changes in the costumes compared to yesterday. The most striking feature of this part was that injury of the shoulder and arm of Suga. We immediately remember his long-standing shoulder injury. Did it come back? After the first break, Suga‘s seemed to look more normal. He also expressed that he was uneasy with his shoulder, but after the break, he was feeling better. We relaxed a bit too. Later we learned that he was suffering from pain and discomfort for two days, and he was using a band to hold his shoulder connection intact, but he forced himself to the end. He is in the same class with Rambo for sure,  I almost heard the colonel shouting: “there is no pain, son, there is just no pain!

In the first episode, RM was less anxious and enjoying more of the concert compared to yesterday. His solo performance was almost the same as yesterday, but I think RM ‘s facial expression and gestures during the song today reflected the “cool” expression required by the song better. When the over-excitement and anxiety of the first day passed, it was clearly seen that RM‘s overall concert leadership and stage dominance improved. In the part where BTS members expressed their feelings, RM used the phrase “I do not belong to any religion, but I thank God for giving us the technology that allows us to come together today.” [There is a significant group of people who are not members, but a large part of this audience also believes in the existence of a creator or a higher power]. He also attracted a lot of attention with his arm muscles.

Suga also delivered almost the same performance as yesterday. However, he did not comb his hair to back like yesterday. The atmosphere that peaked towards the end of the track was mesmerizing once again!

Jungkook, unlike RM and Suga,  surprised us and came out in a different costume. In red color, Jungkook was like a fireball again. His chest was completely exposed. His leg muscles, which seemed to tear tight leather pants yesterday, also was popping out of today’s baggy pants. And his piercing gaze.  His charm and glamour  was a threat to life of all of the ARMY. How does he manage to be so hot and so cute at the same time. How?

Jimin also changed his outfits. The purple suit took the place of the red team. His performance was amazing! We saw tattoos on each of his palms (we do not know if it is temporary or not) while he was making “photo frame” with his hands! Inside the palm of Jimin, it is written in Latin the words  Illecebra Arcanus, which means “temptational secret/arcanum/mystery“! Jimin danced even better today compared to yesterday. He had said he was not happy with his previous day’s performance. Today, instead of crying, there was a Jimin who was dearly smiling!

While Jin looked gorgeous in his pink blouse, and this time he hugged the Earth hanging from above. One of the moments that marked the night, on the other hand, was Jungkook pressing Jin’s hand down while he was almost putting his two fingers on his lips!

Taehyung made us cry again with his performance Inner Child. How cute was Little V? Taehyung was also looking like a (male) angel during his performance for Zero O’Clock. V‘s iconic “I cannot live without ARMY ” statement will be remembered as one of the most memorable concert moments! He also thanked his boss Bang PD for his vision and effort to provide these enormous stages and the cutting edge technologies.

J-Hope was in a very stylish jacket in his solo performance. Later, we have learned that it was a CHANEL piece with a price tag of $9900! He is the fashion and style icon of our age! On the performance of UGH! , we had the chance to see the warrior inside. Doesn’t J-Hope really look ready for this?


BTS Map of the Soul ON:E D2, i.e. the second day of online BTS concert witnessed two new performances in the second day of the concert; namely,  Spring Day and IDOL. We were enormously pleased to see Jungkook as has rapper in the track DOPE in the last episode!

And this was the end of these two wonderful days. I guess there was no one who was not in tears in the final scene. We love you boys, we purple you!

CONCERT PARTS LIST (23 tracks) : ON – NO – We Are Bulletproof pt.2 – Intro: Persona – Boy in Luv – Dionysus – Shadow – Black Swan – UGH! – Zero O’Clock – My Time – Filter – Moon – Inner Child – EGO – Boy with Luv – DNA – Dope – No More Dream – Spring Day IDOL – Dynamite – We are Bulletproof: The Eternal

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