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BTS Jimin “CHANEL Boy” Tweet Is Stunning!


Jimin hasn’t stopped posting sensational tweets today on BTS’s official Twitter address BTS_twt . How dazzling Jimin this time appears as “CHANEL Boy” .

This last tweet by Jimin exceeded 1 million likes in 1 hour and 17 minutes. Thus, Jimin again broke her own record of being the 3rd fastest tweet in Twitter history to reach 1 million likes. His last record was achieved yesterday night. Yeah, Jimin is in league of his own!

Jimin is looking just iconic with his CHANEL 31 inscribed sweatshirt and his courier bag. This CHANEL sweater is worth $ 4600, and the Dior bag is worth $ 1900!

Jimin has been wearing glasses quite often recently. He looks just ultra chic!

Wait a minute, there is an important detail in those glasses this particular time. Yes, you are not seeing it wrong, “J-HOPE” is written on the upper edge of the glasses;  so cute! Why do you think it is so?

How did you find our Jimin ?

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