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BTS is back with “Film Out”

bts film out

BTS released trailer “Film Out” prior to announcing their return without any previous notice to ARMY . In the trailer, Jungkook is standing inside a room covered in white covers, apparently not used for a long time. The music video trailer looks like it was shot like a movie. ARMY compared this trailer / teaser to the music video for the song “Blood, Sweat and Tears“. Below, Jin’s Movie Out scenes are likened to the scenes in “Fake Love” and shared on Twitter:

Let’s see how ARMY will be able to spend next week because “Film Out” will be released on April 2, 2021 !

In addition, “BTS, THE BEST” gave the date of June 16, 2021. We eagerly await!

Another issue is that Jungkook’s name is mentioned among the producers of this song and Jungkook’s gorgeous blonde hair!

If you want to watch the BTS “Movie Out” Trailer:

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