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BLACKPINK Jennie’s Favorite Food Choice?

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BLACKPINK Jennie explained what she likes to eat every day and what really healthy foods she eats every day. In the behind-the-scenes footage of Harpers’ Bazaar Korea, Jennie was asked if she had a favorite meal. He replied with a moment’s thought: “ Yes, I have a favorite.”

Other idols say they can’t always consume their favorite foods because their favorite foods often don’t include healthy snacks. Like all of us 🙂 But Jennie made a different choice: Yogurt!

Jennie continues in the interview: “Before I go to Pilates, when I feel really hungry … There’s a yogurt cafe right next to the Pilates studio. It’s really nice there. That’s why I eat one every day these days.”

Rose shared this cafe recently. Let us remind you: Rose yogurt recipe

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