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Are you curious about BLACKPINK Lisa’s Phone Background?


BLACKPINK Lisa shared the background image she used on her phone in an online interview with IQIYI. Actually, the subject developed as follows. Lisa was telling how happy and proud her fans were using her photos as a background. The interviewer explained that Lisa is very popular in China and has a lot of fans. In fact, many of the host’s friends used Lisa’s photo as a background. Then the expected question came: Lisa, what is the background image you use?

First of all, Lisa said “I am so happy that they love me, thank you very much” . “Choosing me as a background photo shows that you like me very much. I am happy to be an inspiration for them. Thank you for their love.”

Lisa explained that the background photo on her phone is “Leo” .

It was his first cat. “My phone background is a cat, an avatar” she said. In the photo, Leo looks like a pile of blankets and Lisa captures her cat’s tiny face from below. A cute photo!

If you want to watch this part of the interview with English/French/Turkish subtitles:

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