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April 1 Joke from BTS J-Hope


J-Hope has decided to make an April Fools for the ARMY. He posted a photo on Weverse where he shared only the upper part of his hair and concealed his face with the statement “I dyed my hair. The hair was dark red.

J-Hope, who posted another photo, said he couldn’t show his face because of his new hair color. Again, only the upper part of the hair was visible in the photo. He wrote, “Therefore, I can’t post a selfie.”

However, ARMY, who has hawk-eyed and endless BTS archives, has begun posting the original photos of J-Hope sharing his hair on Weverse. When J-Hope realized he couldn’t fool ARMY, he immediately admitted that he was making an April 1 joke. He wrote “Yes, April 1st.” Here’s the old social media post where J-Hope’s jokingly used photo was taken:

There was something that didn’t go unnoticed by ARMY. In J-Hope’s last post, the application mark was left in the upper left corner proving that J-Hope took a screenshot. It turns out that J-Hope was using the Paw In hand app. This practice serves the purpose of finding lost animals or owning abandoned / abandoned animals.

Knowing that J-Hope loves and protects animals, fans were overwhelmed when they saw this app on J-Hope’s phone.

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