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About the Love Life of Idols …

coco gina boyfriend

The love life of idols or who they are dating with is one of the most curious topics. Former idol Coco and former JYP Entertainment trainee Gina Maen talked about the love and dating life of girl idols.

As for their conversation about her love life, Coco: “I don’t want to say that. It might break everyone’s heart, but all your favorite idols are dating someone” said.

Gina Maeng wholeheartedly supported her and said that male and female idols often date familiar faces. While Coco burst into laughter, Gina added, “They’re dating each other. Really.” .

Some idols said that they may have dated more than one idol from the same group. They may even have dated other members of the group.

He said it was natural for idols’ habits. Idols are surrounded by other idols. Gina Maeng: “It has to be fair. It’s the only union you have. This is the world they live in, they are in”

Just as university students are with other university students or if friends working in the same workplace start to like each other, this also applies to idols. In terms of lifestyle and career, male and female idols have a lot in common.

In our opinion, this point of view and information will break the hearts of many fans…

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