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  3. K-Media fait l’éloge du nombre d’or de Jimin

K-Media fait l’éloge du nombre d’or de Jimin

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NAVER’s K-Media reported on Jimin’s style for FILA’s skateboard collection, while emphasizing that Jimin’s body proportion reflects the golden ratio. He stated that he presented an iconic image with body shape.

Although Jimin’s slim and fit physique nowadays gives him elegance, I think the version of Jimin that we can call the golden ratio was this form:

Jimin gave up this “ideal muscle structure”, losing 5 kilograms consciously and restored his physique to its current form. He found it more suitable for the fashion styles he wanted to carry. On the other hand, he could build 5kg of additional muscle if he wanted to. One wonders how it would look then 🙂

What do you think, which version of Jimin is your choice?

By the way, let’s not forget the video and photo images that Jimin gave for the next season for FILA. He’s so stylish again, so cool:

FILA’s new season concept concept “Back to Nature”:

Isn’t that the shades between khaki and water green look so good on our beloved Jimin?

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