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Why is it hard to make up for BLACKPINK Rosé?


BLACKPINK ‘s makeup expert Lee Myung Sun spoke about the difficulties of applying makeup to Rosé ‘s beautiful face. Lee Myung Sun had an interview with Allure Korea. In the interview, the makeup expert was asked about Rosé’s different make-up in the “On The Ground” music video.

One question was about what the makeup concept was in the music video “On The Ground”. The makeup expert replied, “Rosé often has a cute image in the group. However, in her solo song, I wanted to emphasize her strong female side while maintaining her cute and charming look. That’s why I opted for shadowy eye makeup.”

The makeup artist gave the makeup in her video “On The Ground” a bit more western. It adds a subtle sparkle to her eyes.

Question: What is the most important point you will choose for the perfect image?

Answer: Please pay attention to her eyebrows. While the old eyebrow shape is straight, the brows in this MV are slightly Marilyn Monroe style. So there is a slight angle in his eyebrows. This eyebrow shape provides a more natural look.

On one of the questions, Lee Myung Sun said that it is actually difficult to put makeup on Rosé’s soft, smooth skin. Lee Myung Sun:

“Rosé’s skin is egg white. Her skin is great, but it can be difficult to make a makeup base. Her skin is so beautiful and her pores are so tight that she looks like she pushes the foundation.

“I would quickly apply a thin foundation so that it doesn’t stick to the skin immediately. Touching too much actually causes the skin to spit out the foundation, so I’d like to keep the touches less on the base.” The make-up expert has made a slight touch of glow to the inner eyes.

Makeup artist Lee Myung Sun emphasized that, with or without makeup, Rosé is a total beauty queen.

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