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Why Don’t BTS Members Have Beards?

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Ever wondered why BTS members don’t have a beard or mustache, or how they get to be beardless? Do BTS members have hair problems? Are BTS members shaving each morning and evening to have such smooth skin? V, Suga, and J-Hope responded to the answer to these secrets that ARMY was curious about on their last V Live.

ARMY asked: “Do you shave every day?”

V immediately noticed the appearance of his stubble beard.

Upon this question, three BTS members started to talk about hair, beard and mustache.

Suga said he removed his mustache with laser epilation. As a result of laser epilation, Suga no longer has a problem like beard and mustache.

Suga: “I had a mustache when I was an intern. Do you remember? My skin was turning blue so I had laser epilation.”

We are very curious about Suga’s mustache photos during his internship.

Then J-Hope answered. J-Hope’s mustaches used to grow longer, but over time they began to grow less.

However, V approaches the beard issue differently. We think V likes to have a beard. He had shared photos of him with a slightly stubby beard before.

Each of the BTS members has their own beard and mustache taste.

The video of Jimin shaving came to mind:

Besides, there are photos of BTS members with mustaches and beards prepared by ARMY:

The bearded version of BTS Jin in Agust D Daechwita MV is also among the unforgettable:

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