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Who is BLACKPINK Richest Member?


Which of the BLACKPINK members could be the richest?  Lisa, Rosé, Jennie or Jisoo? Since their debut in 2016, they’ve been the Billboard 100’s highest-charting female K-pop artists of all time, according to Forbes. As BLACKPINK gains worldwide importance and success, it will earn more money. Talented BLACKPINK girls have high-earning sponsorship deals like Samsung, Chanel, Adidas, so you can be sure that their net worth will increase as their reputation grows.

According to Yaay, Jennie, Rosé, and Jisoo are worth about $ 8 to 9 million each, and BLACKPINK is worth about $ 35 million each. Jennie actually grew up in one of South Korea’s wealthiest neighborhoods. Besides that, K-pop executives are known to receive a significant portion of the revenue in the K-Pop industry.

Each of the BLACKPINK members has great social media followers and lucrative endorsement deals. Rosé is the brand representative of YSL, Jennie Chanel, Jisoo Dior and Lisa MAC and CELINE. While Jennie’s solo album ranked 2nd in South Korea, Rosé’s new solo album “R” began breaking record-breaking music and making it to the world charts.

However, one of them is known to earn slightly more than the others. Lisa made a big splash at Paris Fashion Week and started working with Prada. Lisa’s estimated net worth is $ 10 million and Lisa is BLACKPINK’s highest earning member!

However, BLACKPINK earns and shares an annual profit of $ 24 million, of course some of that goes to the managers. In addition, each member has their own luxury brand deals and can be considered to have a significant amount of extra income.

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