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Who is BLACKPINK Lisa?


Who is Lisa from BLACKPINK ? You can find all the information about her real name, birth place and date, age, sign, height, weight, instagram account, prejudice against her, being a fashion icon and her life.

Who is Lisa?

Stage name: Lisa
Real name: Lalisa Manoban
Position in the group: Lead rapper, main dancer, side vocalist
Date of birth: March 27, 1997
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Chinese Zodiac: Ox
Place of birth: Buriram, Thailand
Height: 1.67
Weight: 44 kg
Blood type: 0
Instagram account: lalalalisa_m

Childhood, Education, Family

Lalisa was born on 27 March 1997 in Buriram, Thailand, and grew up as the only child of a Thai mother and a Swiss step-father (her own father unfortunately passed away). She studied primary and secondary school there. She was named Pranpiya when she was born, but later changed her name to Lalisa , meaning “praised, sublime” following the suggestion of a wizard.

She chose Lisa as his stage name. Lisa became interested in the South Korean pop industry from a young age and was particularly influenced by Big Bang and 2NE1.

Languages ​​Known

Lisa speaks English and little Japanese and Chinese, in addiiton to Thai and Korean.

Lisa’s Career Path

Lisa’s first step on the stage was at the age of 14 with a song contest she participated in as the representative of her school in 2009, where she took the second place. In the same period, she participated in various dance competitions. In September 2009, she won the special team award in YG Entertainment‘s competition, which was broadcast on Channel 9.

The year 2010 can be regarded as a turning point for Lisa because she participated in YG Entertainment’s Thai trials and succeeded to be the only one selected among 4000 participants. Subsequently, she joined the brand in 2011 as the first foreign intern from outside of Korea .

In the meantimes, she modeled for streetwear brand Nona9on in 2015 and for the Korean cosmetics company Moonshot in 2016.

In August 2016, she became one of the four members of the BLACKPINK group and also became the first professional foreign member of the agency YG Entertainment . It is also the youngest member of the group (ie “Maknea“). In their first single album, Whistle and Boombayah songs reached the top of the charts and Lisa gained a great reputation in a short time. Lisa is the lead rapper and main dancer of the group and is also the supporting vocalist. He is the fastest member of the group to learn song lyrics and dance choreography.

What Does Lisa Likes?

lisa coachella

In 2018, Lisa opened her own Youtube channel on travel and lifestyle concepts. She is also a good photographer.

Lisa craves chocolate in the morning as soon as she wakes up. She also loves iced tea with milk, puting on makeup, going to Disneyland trips, and reading/watching Harry Potter. Lisa, who can play the ukulele, is the naughtiest of the group and her bed is the messiest. She likes grown-up men.

Lisa and Prejudices

There have been differences of opinion among Korean music lovers regarding Lisa’s band membership. Koreans can be a little too nationalistic and especially prejudiced against South Asian origins like Thailand. That’s why a group of people ran a negative campaign against Lisa and even asked her to be removed from the group. Lisa is a very beautiful girl from the perspective of international or western standardsi however, Koreans do have their own standards to which Lisa do not match exactly.

It can be said that YG Entertainment has especially integrated Lisa into the group in parallel with K-Pop’s transformation into a global industry. While the rate of Koreans supporting Lisa is also at a significant level (she has both the most anti-fans and the most fans in the group), she is highly admired outside of Korea.

Lisa and Fashion

Lisa was the cover of the the May 2019 issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine, where the sales statistics of the magazine jumped from its average number of 30 thousand to 120 thousand. Lisa is the most followed K-pop idol on Instagram with 39 million followers as of September 2020! Again, Lisa was chosen as the most beautiful female idol to appear in a leather jacket. As seen in the photo, Heidi Slimane’s 2020 spring / summer collection show attracted great attention from the press with her black tight skirt under white top and 70s-inspired boots. So that # LALISAxCelinePFW has become the top trending topic on Twitter!

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