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Who Are Kpop’s Fastest Rappers?


Are you wondering who are the fastest rappers in the kpop industry?

Here is our fastest rapper list in terms of syllable per second ( syllable per second -SPS ) [Note that this list just about how fast they not how good rappers they are, which is of course a subjective issue] :

10. (G) I-DLE Soyeon:

Soyeon managed to accelerate to 8.32 SPS during the performance of “UH-OH” on Mnet’s Queendom program.

9. STRAY KIDS Hyunjin

Hyunjin performed 8.38 SPS in the song TMT.

8. WINNER Mino

Mino has reached 8.50 SPS during “Machine Gun”, which they voiced on Mnet’s show program “Show Me The Money”.

7. BIGBANG G-Dragon and STRAY KIDS Han

G-Dragon hit 9.0  with the performance of “She is Gone feat. KUSH”;

Han shared the 7th place with G-Dragon with his performance in “YGGR # HIPHOP” with his 9.0 SPS performance.


RM gave a performance of 9.24 SPS while singing his solo track “Joke”.


T.O.P has reached to 9.40 SPS during his solo track “DOOM DADA”.

4. BTS Suga

In BTS’s “Cypher Pt. 2: Triptych”, Suga reached speeds of 9.83 SPS.

3. B.A.P Zelo

Zelo had a 10.12 SPS performance in B.A.P’s debut track “Warrior”.

2. Block B Zico

While Zico achieved 10.13 SPS speed with his solo track “Cocks”.

1. Stray Kids Changbin

Changbin showed how fast he could rap on the Weekly Idol show he participated in, and reached an incredible 11.13 SPS. Even though he doesn’t perform a specific song like the other names on the list, it’s still a great record!

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  1. Avatar

    3 SKZ rappers in the top, great job STAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (yall stop being salty that yoongi isn’t first, i love bts a lot but changbin is obviously faster.)

  2. Avatar
    2 months ago

    BTS SUGA should be the FIRST then SECOND BTS RM

  3. Avatar
    3 months ago


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