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Which BTS member has the best legs?

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Curious about the BTS member with the best legs? You can indicate your own preference by filling out the questionnaire at the end of our article. All of the BTS members draw attention with their fit physics. They all have toned and defined leg muscles as this muscle group takes the most load in high performance dances. All of the members have legs that necessarily appealing to the eye. Let’s vote for the better among the best!


RM, actually, looks like a wrestler; just have a look at those huge-enormous leg muscles. Spelled as Quadriceps, pronounced as RM! As the leader of the group, it is not easy to carry the burden of six people. He just needs those huge wheels!


Jungkook has a pair of stunning legs. It doesn’t matter if he is in his pants or shorts, BTS’s handsome maknae’s legs look spectacular. In the photo he is wearing his shorts, he looks like as if he is Roberto Carlos!


Jimin is a monster in terms of leg muscles! Years of top-notch dancing practice coupled with martial arts training gave him the most athletic legs. They are aesthetically pleasing, too. My boy!

Taehyung (V)

V generally likes to wear loose pants, so we don’t see him in tight leather pants or anything like Jungkook and Jimin. But from his viral video shot in shorts, we can easily discern that his legs are long. As we can see from the photos below, they are also very muscular. Always expect the un-expectable from him!


The opponents are competitive, but J-Hope is coming off the left lane, guys. As the main dancer of the group, after all; photos shout out loud: The owner of the place has arrived; let’s get the babies off the stage !!


Jin’s legs are muscular, long and shapely, too. His whole physique is phenomenal. Eyes are necessarily caught on broad shoulders, but the legs carrying the bridge are also solid, there is no problem, friends.


Obviously, Suga does not attach much importance to physical aspects. He has above average legs if not much muscular. He seems like to be the only option for those who do not enjoy muscular legs. You know Korea has an obsession with white/light skin tone. Suga is in the first place according to this criterion. He is so sweet overall, who can deny it?

Yes BTS lovers, who are you gonna vote for?

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