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When Jungkook hears his rap performance…

jungkook black wavy hair

Jungkook has a thousand talents in a single hand. Besides his magnificent vocal skills, he also has the feature of being an unheard of rapper. In the video below, which presents a slice of his younger days, Jungkook breaks off when he listens to parts of himself rapping, jumping , in a crisis state because of both embarrassment and laughter. Do you look at her facial expressions? BTS members were laughing at his expressions for 15 minutes non-stop!

He’s seriously cute!

By the way, Jungkook has an interesting feature as a rapper. According to the analysis of the Youtuber “CarKpop”, Jungkook managed to pour out 86 syllables in 8 seconds and ranked fourth according to the SPS (syllables per second) criterion performed in eight seconds. In the top three are the chieftains of the rapper realm such as Outsider, Changbin and Siyeon. Values ​​are below. (Guys, this is not my analysis, it is just a technical account mentioned, it does not show how good a rapper the person is, I understand the sensitivity of the friends who master the subject of rap, do not be angry with me, I love you!)

Then let’s enjoy some examples of Jungkook’s rapper moments:

Jungkook’s 2021 New Year’s Eve rap performance:

Jungkook’s tough rap performance, we like it when it’s tough:

Jungkook’s well-known and highly acclaimed rap performance. But this time, both the video quality and the shooting angle are very good. Let’s enjoy:

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