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ENHYPEN’s Debut Date and Mysteries of their Debut Trailer


ENHYPEN released their first trailer “Debut Trailer 1: Choose-Chosen”. Some fans claimed that ENHYPEN’s debut date was announced in details as well. Let’s look at the hints and clues of the trailer and find out what we should expect about the concept of the debut?

  • ENPHYPEN’s debut date:

Clue- 1: A curious ENGENE noticed that the clock in ENHYPEN’s photo showed 11:30 that should be an evidence for November 30.

Clue-2: What heavenly events occur in November? The last shady lunar eclipse of the year will be on the 30th of November. Is this a coincidence or not?

  • The trailer is full of contrasts.

The Mortal Immortal

The trailer of ENHYPEN is all about dilemmas. First dilemma is about the opposite concepts of “mortal” and “immortal”.

Light and Dark

Here is one more dilemma. Why are some members in daylight and others in the dark? It’s like a shadowy lunar eclipse where one half of the moon will remain dark and the other half bright.

Could there be inverted versions of each other? Are mortals against immortals? It’s a theory worth thinking about. Some members in daylight, somes are in the dark.

TWILIGHT (Werewolves x Vampires)

All signs point to the supernatural. We think that when all the clues are collected, the image of vampires versus werewolves appears.

ENHYPEN refers to vampires and werewolves through the symbolism in his videos. Roses, fire, blood, sunlight, and aristocratic gothic fashions are associated with vampires. On the other hand, full moons and dark forests are prominently featured in werewolf world. For vampires burning in daylight, the sun is a nuisance. This is a blessing for the werewolves who regain their humanity as the sun rises. It reminded us a little of the “Twilight” Movie Series.

ENHYPEN Debut Trailer:

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