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When Is BTS Comeback? and “BTS, THE BEST” Posters Here!

bts the best

It was rumored that BTS could make a comeback with a new album in the last week of May 2021. According to a new report by News1, BTS will be releasing a new digital single track on May 21, 2021 .

As a result of their success with the songs “Dynamite” and “Life Goes On”, BTS’s new single is eagerly awaited. According to the report, BTS is in the final stages of their preparations for their new digital single song.

However, Big Hit Entertainment has not made an official statement regarding the new single song. Big Hit Entertainment said in a statement that the artists will be informed when their preparations are completed.

BTS also released posters for their album “BTS, THE BEST”. Below you can see BTS ‘new photos.

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