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What’s on BTS V (Taehyung)’s Mind Right Now?


A question was posted on bts.bighitofficial Instagram and BTS V answered (To see the question and the answer you need to click on the spherical BTS logo).

Question: What was the last thought that came to your mind?

V’s answer: I want to eat plums.

On the wall behind which he stands, he writes BE , the name of the new album. V is looking so handsome in the good photo.

We see V with a Maison Margiela pullover sweater labeled $ 1370 .

Taehyung shared with strawberry jam the day before too. Does this fruit line have any meaning?

Plum is a fruit that represents determination, patience, perseverance, and hope. It symbolizes achieving a bright success even in unfavorable conditions. The plum variety called early-plums, are one of the first blooming trees, symbolizing the transition from winter to spring and productivity. Other plum species continue to bear fruit until winter. The new album seems to portray such a transformation. What do say?

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