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What’s in the aespa Giselle’s Bag ?!

giselle bag

In the second of aespa’s shoot “What’s In My Bag” on the YouTube channel, aespa members examined the bag of Giselle, the band’s rapper. The aespa members were shocked by what they saw in Giselle’s purse.

The first ones that came out of Giselle’s bag are very familiar: a beret, a phone and a headset, and a charger.

NingNing then took a stomachache medicine from the bag. Giselle said that her stomach ache frequently, so she used the abdominal pain medication. Upon this logical explanation, his friends were convinced. But another medicine box came out of the bag. Since they started scrambling the bag, the aespa members have pulled out three packs of medicine. Karina said that Giselle had medicines with her at all times, so her bag rustled the medicine pack as she walked.

And NingNing took out another medicine box from the bag. He shook the box to show the sound. It was an expected sound!

And as the bag was shuffled, more pill boxes surfaced. Her friends laughed saying she has a pharmacy full of medicine. Giselle said that health is important and she is carrying medicine for herself and her friends.

Giselle explained that the items in her bag are vitamins, lactic acid products, energy drinks, and allergy medicine. Giselle was allergic to dust and cats. In our opinion, the vitamin supplements it carries for health are quite reasonable. Meanwhile, a few more items such as the perfume they bought with NingNing came out of the bag. By the way, NingNing and Giselle seem to get along well.

Finally, I use the lip balm / lip cream from Vaselin from Aleo vera, which came out of Giselle’s bag 🙂

We look forward to the next episode of “what’s in my bag?”

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