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What Does Jin Mean to BTS Members?

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BTS Jin plays an important role in maintaining a good atmosphere in the group. On KBS’s talk show Let’s BTS , BTS members answered various questions about music, goals and the future. Jin, the oldest in the group, is not the leader of the group. Show host Shin Dong Yeop “You are the oldest in age, you could have control over the members of the band. How did you achieve this atmosphere now?”

Jin replied, “All of the band members are talented and good people, and there is nothing I think I am better than them. To be honest, if they weren’t so I could exercise control over them, but I didn’t.”

“It’s like a compliment for all of us,” said V on Jin’s response.

Afterwards, J-Hope shared his thoughts: “We don’t need words to describe our Jin Hyung. He’s perfect as he is. His handsome face, broad shoulders, beautiful voice … and his age. The last one was a joke, but he’s the biggest of us. We thought he thought the age ranking would be important, but he’s the opposite. He’s the one that creates the positive and supportive atmosphere in the group. In this respect, he fulfills the role of being older and does it by providing a soft atmosphere as well as being the pillar of the group.

The fan comments about Jin were as follows:

“After listening to what was said, I can see that he has a big heart. It is a very charismatic approach to provide a bright atmosphere and at the same time keep everyone in a good mood.”

“Seokjin is really the best!”

“If Jin used his age and gave trouble to his band members, it wouldn’t be BTS today.”

“First I loved Jin’s visual, now I love his character.”

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