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Update for SEVENTEEN Mingyu Bullying Allegations


SEVENTEEN Mingyu was charged with allegations of bullying and harassment. Someone claiming to have attended the same school as her accused Mingyu of making unpleasant jokes targeting the acquisitor after class. Regarding the matter, Pledis Entertainment made a statement regarding the result it reached after investigating the facts.

Pledis Entertainment reported that Mingyu was really joking with his classmates, but there was no targeted harassment of any person. Moreover, Mingyu apologized directly to the person concerned for making him feel uncomfortable. The person who claimed to have been bullied accepted Mingyu’s apology.

The statement made by Pledis Entertainment against Mingyu ‘s allegations of bullying is as follows:

Hello. We are Pledis Entertainment.

We provide you with confirmed information regarding online shipments regarding Mingyu, a member of SEVENTEEN.

We have met with the person who wrote a comment about an incident that happened while he was attending the same school with our artist several times and verified the facts. As a result of this process, we cleared the misunderstandings on this issue and we decided to settle this situation mutually.

The person who alleged bullying and harassment went through various personal issues that were unrelated to our artist while attending middle school. 

Regarding this, our artist said that she made fun of male students in his class, but did not intentionally harass or humiliate a particular person. However, our artist apologized to the person in question, who felt bad for the misunderstanding.

The alleged person accepted the apology and said that from the beginning of the discussion he did not want this issue to cause Mingyu to leave the group or stop his activities.

We first shared the above statement with the person in question so that he could check its content and received acceptance. Therefore, we hope that further discussions on this topic will not arise and probably will not harm the person.

We have finished communicating and discussing with everyone on duty whose identities can be verified. In addition, we work to verify the facts of matters relating to people whose identities are not explicitly confirmed. We will share a separate statement about the confirmed issues in the future.

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