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TXT and ENHYPEN will come together for the new variety show program “PLAYGROUND” . Two teams will hit thee new lunar year at the PLAYGROUND show. TXT is affiliated with Big Hit Entertainment and ENHYPEN is affiliated with Big Hit Entertainment and CJ Entertainment’s partner company BELIFT. So both groups are under Big Hit. The unique mood of the two groups and the chemistry between rookie group members ENHYPEN and the more senior TXT members (other editor: really?) will have a lot of fun.

In the first episode of “PLAYGROUND”, ENHYPEN will join the clubs created by TXT. The two teams will compete with the process of joining clubs and fierce competition between clubs. The best chosen club will receive an award.

In the second part, the two teams will play yut, a traditional Korean board game. However, this will not be a standard swallow game. Teams will compete for prizes that will give them an advantage in games. Both TXT and ENHYPEN are expected to show their competitive side when it comes to gaming.

The first episode of “PLAYGROUND” aired on February 11 and the second episode on February 12 on JTBC2. If you missed them, both episodes will air back-to-back on JTBC4 on February 14th.

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