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TWICE Plans to comeback with their new album

twice comeback

TWICE is preparing to make its long-awaited comeback. According to reports, TWICE was preparing to return with all the band members in June and is currently filming for the music video on the island of Jeju .

Statements from JYP Entertainment are as follows:

“TWICE is preparing to return in June. It is shooting the music video on Jeju Island. The detailed program will be announced later when approved.”

TWICE’s previous comeback was in October 2020 with their long album “Eyes Wide Open”. In December 2020, they released their digital song called “Cry For Me”. TWICE still does not stay idle in this process. On May 12, the Japanese song “Kura Kura” will be released.

It is gratifying that TWICE is back with all of its members. Because in October 2020, Jeongyeon took a break from group promotions to rest and recuperate due to his anxiety complaint. Jeongyeon surprised fans by returning with TWICE at the Seoul Music Awards about three months after this incident.

Stay tuned for the TWICE music video trailer!

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