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TWICE breaks KARA’s unbroken record in Japan for 10 years

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Kpop and Jpop group KARA, which was active between 2007 and 2016, broke such a record that it has been regarded as insurmountable up to this date. When the dates showed March 7, 2011, KARA was releasing its first (legendary) Japanese single “Mister” and received crazy attention. We came today to March 2021. The record of KARA, which has not been approached for the past 10 years, was to be broken by TWICE, which has consistently produced quality songs year after year for Japanese music market.

In the meantime, KARA’s songs such as “Speed ​​Up” and “Electric Boy“, in addition to “Mister”, were also widely echoed in Japan.

On the TWICE side, Fanfare, Breakthrough, Fake like True and Candy Pop stand out. Of course, let’s not forget their latest song “Better” for Japan. In the online concert that took place the previous week, when Jeongyeon, who had health problems and was in the phase of overcoming them (yeah!), shout as “I feel better”, the emotionality and happiness of the song was so special and unforgettable!

Finally, let’s see the Japan sales figures group by group:

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