14 Jun, 2021

Jimin in a tank top is so sexy!

Jimin did not hide what the God gave him at the 2021 Festa Swoozoo concert! In 2020, he deliberately lost weight and made himself slimmer intentionally. Five kilos were sculpted...

13 Jun, 2021

When Jennie gets angry, she disses and swaggers hard!

Jennie is an artist who draws attention with her stance against life and she can be quite assertive and outspoken when she feels appropriate. He spares neither her “diss” nor...

10 Jun, 2021

BTS ‘new ‘Korean’ album date leaked (not the one for Japan!)

BTS rocked the news that they will be releasing a new album! And the release date is expected to be July 9, i.e. the ARMY day! Even though HYBE says...

8 Jun, 2021

Jimin and Jungkook are so cute on stage

We all have the right to have fun. So who entertains and makes us smile the most? Of course BTS! Let’s watch a very funny 53-second short video and then...

6 Jun, 2021

Latest situation in the SNOWDROP series: What is the real concern?

If you remember about the drama SNOWDROP, which we were delighted to have BLACKPINK Jisoo to playthe lead role; there were real concerns and confusion . In a few days,...

6 Jun, 2021

Are Jennie and Lisa better model than Kendall Jenner?

Kendall Jenner is the model for the May 2021 issue of VOGUE Hong Kong. Interestingly, we see her in the same costumes as BLACKPINK members Jennie and Lisa. Inevitably, we...

1 Jun, 2021

Is Jungkook living in the house he bought in January 2021?

Jungkook’s new house, worth $7 million & bought in January 2021, is located in the Itaewon neighborhood, five minutes from “NINE ONE Hannam”, where RM and Jimin bought their new...

1 Jun, 2021

Are You Ready for BTS SoWooZoo Online Concert?

BTS is holding a two-day online concert on June 13-14, 2021, when they celebrate their 8th anniversary. The content of the two days will be very similar in terms of...

29 May, 2021

ENHYPEN becomes a DIOR model for Dazed Magazine

Kpop idol groups do “modeling” tasks for famous brands. It’s almost as if some groups, especially some of the girl groups, are doing the modeling as their primary job and...

suga butter
24 May, 2021

What Did Suga Say About BTS’s Dating Life?

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Suga answered the question about BTS’s love / dating life, which ARMY has always been curious about. Whether BTS members have a girlfriend...