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Three Crucial Things Jennie Carries in Her Bag

jennie camera photo

BLACKPINK Jennie gave a behind-the-scenes interview for Harper’s Bazaar Korea magazine shootings. Jennie was asked about 3 items she carries in her bag that are important to her. Jennie took her purse and listed the three most important things in it: camera, wallet, and brooch.

The first thing Jennie cared about in her bag was the camera. The camera, which is part of Jennie’s most valuable hobbies, prompted her to open a second Instagram account. Her camera captures all the important moments is precious to her.

The second item is the wallet, which is preferred by everyone in their bags! The average person also carries another tiny bag or wallet in their bag. Jennie used to put lip balm etc. in the tiny bag she mentioned.

Jennie is known as a fashionista like the rest of the BLACKPINK members. However, it means that sometimes there are situations when she is caught unprepared! Because the last important item Jennie has chosen is a brooch! Jennie comments on the brooch: “And I always bring a brooch for fashion emergencies”. Do you carry a brooch in your bag?

Below is the video of Jennie describing the contents of her bag:

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