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Three Key Details about BTS V and Jungkook VLOG

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The previous day’s VLOG of Jungkook and V attracted a lot of attention. If you remember, they were sharing the decisions they had made at the dinner table with an official from the company. In this article, we wanted to share with you two details and a suggestion about this VLOG.

First of all, one cannot stop wondering who V and Jungkook were talking to in VLOG. The person speaking to them was LUMPENS , the director who previously directed important music videos of BTS !

LUMPENS , whose real name is Choi Yong-suk , is genius director behind great BTS music videos such as Singularity, Fake Love, Spring Day, DNA, Serendipity and Euphoria (which was used as reference in VLOG). You can get more detailed information about him on his website below:


The second detail was the glimses of V during VLOG to the camera. Look at how cute he is. Those are the eyes worth everything.

Finally, V said they should put images of old concerts with audiences in order to reveal the contrast between the old concerts and the current situation, and they talked about which concerts to choose from. My preference would be the following footage of BTS ‘s performance “Pied Piper ” at the Fifth Muster Magic Shop concert in Seoul. A performance I can never, ever fotget!

From 00:34 of the fancam video shot for V in the same performance, we can see the moments of integration with the audience better. Aren’t these are the images V were talking about?

What would your pick?

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