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The Story of ENHYPEN Jungwon Joining Big Hit

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ENHYPEN Jungwon and Heeseung answered questions from fans during a Vlive. One of the questions was interesting. The question came from a fan who wanted to know how they were selected for Big Hit Entertainment. Jungwon shared that his dream came true thanks to a friend.

Agency employees often find and discover idols on the street, but Jungwon’s experience was different.

Jungwon was an intern elsewhere. “I was at another agency before I joined Big Hit” says. A friend of Jungwon was already working for Big Hit Entertainment. Jungwon said “My friend was already on Big Hit” . Although Heeseung asked Jungwon who his friend was, Jungwon did not answer the question.

Whoever Jungwon’s friend has opened the door to Big Hit for him: “He’s really close with my friend. He and his mother showed my picture to the Big Hit team,” said Jungwon, . Big Hit Entertainment employees liked Jungwon’s picture and wanted to see and hear his skills. Jungwon continued as follows; “That’s how I was chosen. That’s why I auditioned and I’m on Big Hit”

Jungwon could have debuted in another group entirely, had it not been for his supportive friend and his beloved mother. Fortunately, he became the Jungwon of ENHYPEN that ENGENE’s loved!

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