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The Mystery of the ANN DEMEULEMEESTER Brand for BTS

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The Ann Demeulemeester by Sébastien Meunier, which dressed BTS members for their Black Swan performance on October 1, 2020 for 3th day music video in Jimmy Fallon BTSWEEK, has been seen as a mysterious brand for BTS in recent years. It seems as if we are experiencing developments that make us wonder if this mystery will come to light again.

Let’s first talk about the brand ANN DEMEULEMEESTER . After graduating from the Royal Belgian Academy of Fine Arts in the late 80’s, Ann was took part in designer group of Antwerp Six who were renowned for their radical new designs and futuristic styles. Especially, the avant-garde men’s collection of Ann became famous. She was also known for her designs that blend together gothic, punk and Japanese culture. Today, the company continues to implement its designs with a dark poetic vision.

Let’s now remind a little of the occasions BTS bandmembers wore Ann Demeulemeester by Sébastien Meunier.

The transparent blouse worn by Suga in the performance of Black Swan at LOTTE a few days ago was the talk  of the day. That blouse was also branded The Ann Demeulemeester by Sébastien Meunier .

It was also the brand that designed the unforgettable costume of  Suga (from top to bottom)  during his iconic performance of SEASAW dated 19 October 2019,

The most striking use of the brand The Ann Demeulemeester by Sébastien Meunier was the “I AM RED WITH LOVE” inscribed transparent t-shirt on RM dated 1 Dec 2019.

J-Hope‘s  I AM RED on the MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards 2018 on November 9, 2018 was also an The Ann Demeulemeester by Sébastien Meunier piece.

At those days, Jimin and J-Hope wore on different concerts a shirt on the back of which I am Red with Love phrase was inscribed.

In 2018, ANN DEMEULEMEESTER blouses began to be seen as a harbinger of important events such as a comeback or a tour. Beyond reporting, it was also used to theorize (in Fan theories) new song themes or titles.

In fact, BTS was also providing quite a bit of supportive material for such theories.

For example, the red BTS emblem was used in the performance of Fake Love, which aired on KBS on December 28, 2018:

In their video clips, many objects, especially books, were red colored.

And of course Jin’s acrostic poem about RED, should not be forgotten. Isn’t he having fun over there!

R: Revolution
E: Evolution
D: Drop in the Ocean

As for today, the online concert on October 10-11 is a critical threshold in terms of the use of technology (better video equipment, stage design and application of augmented reality via machine learning) in music concerts. BTS’s boss Bang PD attaches great importance to this transformation in concert delivery. The poster of this concert is made of red. According to my theory, that choice of red color was not in vain [So I became a theorist too!].

Other than the red color (conspiracy) theory, It feels like BTS is giving us new, deeper messages with the resurrected use of The Ann Demeulemeester by Sébastien Meunier designs. Moreover, Suga is highlighted in this sense. Suga is one of the most mysterious members with his short and concise talking style. Something may be c0oking here…

Let’s see what is going to happen? What would you say?

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    Good summary of the relationships between BTS and Ann Demeulemeester… but you actually missing the main point, that BTS is actually wearing Ann Demeulemeester by Sébastien Meunier, not simply Ann Demeulemeester, but Ann Demeulemeester by Sébastien Meunier. Which makes all the difference.

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