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The Bang Si Hyuk Logo May Look Familiar

bang si hyuk jin

BTS’s amazing fans, ARMYs, are known for their detective qualities. This time, ARMY targeted Bang Si Hyuk’s icon featured in the HYBE promotional video. Sound familiar to you, too?

This icon is a cartoon that Jungkook drew to describe Bang Si Hyuk in 2014. Great artists can tell a lot with small lines. In 2014, all of BTS’s friends admired and laughed at this logo, which Jungkook created with just a two-dot line.

ARMY found it very enjoyable for Bang Si Hyuk to use Jungkook’s cartoon as a logo. He shared the issue on Twitter and other social media accounts.

However, this was not the first presentation to use Jungkook’s Bang Si Hyuk drawing. Agust D aka Suga Daechwita coincided this drawing of Suga Jungkook with the lyrics of his song in his music video.

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