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Taehyung’s unforgettable “Sweet Night” is one year old today


It’s been exactly a year since I start to watch the Itaewon Class series and Taehyung, who gave the soul to this series with “Sweet Night”, wrote and composed this song, as well as singing with all his heart and with an incredible emotional depth. How time is flowing.

The emotional intensity of this song drags me mercilessly every time. It also remember the fatigue in my soul in the last year, which has passed through many difficulties and limitations.

There are many feelings this song evokes in me, especially the lines “We were ships floating at night “: Melancholy; a feeling of longing for the past that I cannot fully describe; faint hope mixed with a shaky question of wondering what?

Guitar and violin accompany V’s vocals in the piece. V’s vocal style that emphasizes each syllable while saying “On my pillow” is like playing the piano by pressing our heart veins …


Sweet Night entered the Billboard Digital Parts Sales list at No. 2. It had a magnificent record as the best-selling song in 117 different countries on iTunes. In the past weeks, it was chosen as the best soundtrack by the APAN Music Awards. In terms of objective criteria, Sweet Night is a piece that deserves to be remembered as a true classic!

As well as the Itaewon Class series itself, all of the soundtrack is excellent. Another prominent piece in it, GAHO’s Start, is also an award-winning song that is among the classics. If you suffer from a motivation problem, just listen to it…

More detailed for the array and its OST: Itaewon Class Review

Here is V’s unforgettable Sweet Night:

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