5 days ago

MAMAMOO Wheein has left RBW but not MAMAMOO!

RBW Entertainment released an official statement, stating that Wheein’s contract will not be renewed, but that Wheein will still be participating in MAMAMOO group activities. RBW Entertainment’s statement on June...

2 weeks ago

MAMAMOO’s “Where Are We Now” MV Released

MAMAMOO released “Where Are We Now?” music video. As we expected, the song is slow and calming with silky smooth vocals. MAMAMOO ladies are strolling through the forest dressed in...

3 weeks ago

MAMAMOO “WAW” 2nd Teaser Video Released

MAMAMOO is counting down for comeback. The trailer for “WAW” was released recently. Today, the WAW Destiny version trailer was released. In the music video trailer, MAMAMOO girls float in...

1 month ago

MAMAMOO released a trailer that reveals the meaning of WAW

MAMAOO’s new song, WAW, was announced the day before, but the only thing we could see three words: “WAW” in tricky fonts on a black background. The first claim was...

1 month ago
mamamoo black

MAMAMOO is Coming Back! (Secret of WAW)

We asked a lot if MAMAMOO would disband, then we gave good news that they are signing agreement contracts one by one with the artists and finally we are starting...

2 months ago

3rd Generation K-pop Bands are Lasting Longer

The “generations” of K-Pop groups are determined by the bands’ release date or music or major events / changes in the industry. The first K-Pop group known is H.O.T. Currently,...

2 months ago

MAMAMOO Solar turns into a fitness star!

Solar shared a video on her SOLARSIDO Youtube channel, where she shares her weekly videos, making those who are much younger than her say “just wow!”. She has turned 30...

3 months ago

MAMAMOO Won’t Disband!

MAMAMOO Hwasa has renewed her contract with RBW Entertainment. Hwasa became the third MAMAMOO member to renew his contract with RBW Entertainment. On March 30, 2021, RBW said: “We renewed...

3 months ago

MAMAMOO Wheein’s Solo Coming Soon!

MAMAMOO Wheein is gearing up for a solo comeback next month. Wheein is planning a comeback with a solo album for April, according to information from Xportnews on March 26....

3 months ago

RBW Entertainment Steps Into The World Of Crypto Money (Coin)

RBW (Rainbowbridge World) is a highly influential agency with popular girl group MAMAMOO as well as a new girl group Purple Kiss. RBW’s Japanese subsidiary RBW Japan plans to sell...

3 months ago

Most Popular Female Idol Groups (February 2021)

Brand reputation rankings for the most popular female idol groups for February 2021 have been announced. The rankings were determined through analysis of consumer engagement, media coverage, engagement, and community...

5 months ago

MAMAMOO and RBW Entertainment about to sign contract?

MAMAMOO is almost agreed about NOT TO DISBAND! On January 22, RBW Entertainment made an official statement regarding the renewal of MAMAMOO members’ exclusive contracts with the agency. MAMAMOO  announcement...